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Katie becomes Clearway Driver Training's 677th Driving Test Pass

31 July 2013

Well done to Katie from Uxbridge who passed her practical driving test this morning. After a "bad experience" with her previous instructor, Katie contacted us and, following a course of lessons with our instructor, Peter Fearon, passed her test at Uxbridge Driving Test Centre this morning with only three driving faults. Really well done Katie - enjoy the freedom and opportunities that driving brings!

Alice becomes Clearway Driver Training's 676th Driving Test Pass

30 July 2013

Many congratulations to Alice from Maidenhead who passed her driving test this morning at the first attempt! Alice, who is a student at Newlands Girls' School braved some unseasonably heavy rain in Slough today and passed her test after learning to drive with Clearway instructor, Paul Kirkpatrick. Really well done Alice - have fun car hunting!

Karolina becomes Clearway Driver Training's 675th Driving Test Pass

29 July 2013

Royal Holloway University student Karolina from Englefield Green today became the 675th person to pass their driving test after taking driving lessons with a Clearway Driver Training driving instructor! Karolina who is originally from Poland, learnt to drive with Paul Kirkpatrick ADI and passed this morning at the test centre in Chertsey in Surrey. Well done Karolina and may we wish you safe driving for life!

Suzie becomes Clearway Driver Training's 674th Driving Test Pass

25 July 2013

Congratulations to Suzie from Slough who made it three driving test passes this week for Clearway Driver Training. Suzie contacted us in April on the recommendation of friends after having her confidence knocked in the past. After a course of lessons with Clearway Driver Training instructor Peter Fearon, Suzie passed at the test centre in Uxbridge at the first attempt with only four driving faults!

Matthew becomes Clearway Driver Training's 673rd Driving Test Pass

24 July 2013

Congratulations to Matthew from Gerrards Cross who passed his driving test today at the first attempt after taking a semi-intensive course of driving lessons with our instructor Paul Kirkpatrick! Matt, who is a medical student studying at the University of Exeter, contacted us in April to arrange a course of driving lessons during the summer holidays. Matt passed his test in Slough this afternoon! Well done on a great drive Matt - enjoy driving!

Emily becomes Clearway Driver Training's 672nd Driving Test Pass

22 July 2013

It's a big well done to Emily from Old Windsor for getting the week off to a great start by passing her driving test today at Slough Driving Test Centre. Slough Grammar School student Emily passed with only two driving faults after taking a course of driving lessons with Clearway instructor, Ted Plenty. Really well done from all of us at Clearway Driver Training!

Toufik becomes Clearway Driver Training's 671st Driving Test Pass

19 July 2013

Many congratulations to Toufik from Colnbrook who passed his driving test today on a very hot and bright afternoon at Ashford Driving Test Centre. Toufik passed with only one driving fault after taking a course of lessons with Clearway Driver Training driving instructor, Peter Fearon. Really well done Toufik - we hope you enjoy your new found freedom!

Rob becomes Clearway Driver Training's 670th Driving Test Pass

15 July 2013

Congratulations to Rob from Crowthorne who passed his test today at Farnborough Driving Test Centre after a semi-intensive course of driving lessons with our instructor, Rob White. Well done Rob and may we wish you safe driving for life!

Evelina becomes Clearway Driver Training's 669th Driving Test Pass

12 July 2013

Congratulations to Evelina from Englefield Green who passed her driving test in Slough this morning. Evelina who is from Lithuania originally but lives in Kings Lynn in Norfolk is a student at Royal Holloway. Braving the rush hour traffic, Evelina put the skills she learned from Clearway instructor, Paul Kirkpatrick to good use and passed her test with ease. Well done and good luck finding a car this summer.

Tim becomes Clearway Driver Training's 668th Driving Test Pass

11 July 2013

Congratulations to Tim from Binfield near Bracknell who passed his driving test today at Reading Test Centre. Uni student Tim passed his test without getting any driving faults at all! Tim started driving lessons with Clearway instructor Rob White last summer but had a break while he was back at uni and resumed lessons at the start of the summer holidays. Tim is hearing impaired, so he and Rob have worked together to devise specific strategies to meet Tim's circumstances and the end result has been a "clean sheet" driving test pass (which is a relatively rare occurrence and an achievement to be VERY proud of!) Enjoy the freedom and opportunities that driving brings Tim

Elliot becomes Clearway Driver Training's 667th Driving Test Pass

9 July 2013

Congratulations from everyone at Clearway to Elliot from Langley who passed his driving test in Chertsey today! Despite the soaring temperatures, Elliot kept his cool and passed his test at the first attempt after lessons with instructor Peter Fearon. Elliot contacted us in May 2013 as he wanted to start driving again having taken lessons with another school last year. Well done Elliot - Peter is looking forward to helping you advance your driving skills when you take Pass Plus later this month!

Ben becomes Clearway Driver Training's 666th Driving Test Pass

3 July 2013

Congratulations to Ben from Wokingham who passed his test at the first attempt in Reading today. Ben took driving lessons with Clearway Driver Training driving instructor, Rob White and joins his friends Laura and Marcus who also passed after taking lessons with Rob.

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